Amazon-web-services – Restoring files on a version enabled amazon s3 bucket


I am trying to enable versioning and lifecycle policies on my Amazon S3 buckets. I understand that it is possible to enable Versioning first and then apply LifeCycle policy on that bucket. If you see the image below, that will confirm this idea.

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I have then uploaded a file several times which created several versions of the same file. I then deleted the file and still able to see several versions. However, if I try to restore a file, I see that the Initiate Restore option is greyed out.

enter image description here

I would like to ask anyone who had any similar issue or let me know what I am doing wrong.


Best Solution

Bucket Versioning on Amazon S3 keeps all versions of objects, even when they are deleted or when a new object is uploaded under the same key (filename).

As per your screenshot, all previous versions of the object are still available. They can be downloaded/opened in the S3 Management Console by selecting the desired version and choosing Open from the Actions menu.

If Versions: Hide is selected, then each object only appears once. Its contents is equal to the latest uploaded version of the object.

Deleting an object in a versioned bucket merely creates a Delete Marker as the most recent version. This makes the object appear as though it has been deleted, but the prior versions are still visible if you click the Versions: Show button at the top of the console. Deleting the Delete Marker will make the object reappear and the contents will be the latest version uploaded (before the deletion).

If you want a specific version of the object to be the "current" version, either:

  • Delete all versions since that version (making the desired version that latest version), or
  • Copy the desired version back to the same object (using the same key, which is the filename). This will add a new version, but the contents will be equal to the version you copied. The copy can be performed in the S3 Management Console -- just choose Copy and then Paste from the Actions Menu.

Initiate Restore is used with Amazon Glacier, which is an archival storage system. This option is not relevant unless you have created a Lifecycle Policy to move objects to Glacier.