Android access to resources outside of activity


I would like to know – are there ways to access android resources and/or assets files (or files from any other folder) outside of an Activity (without passing context)?

Can't access without context:

getResources().getIdentifier("resource_name", "drawable", getPackageName());

Throws Exception if not in Activity:

try {
    Class class = R.drawable.class;
    Field field = class.getField("resource_name");
    Integer i = new Integer(field.getInt(null));
} catch (Exception e) {}

Also tried the below, but it complains file doesn't exist (doing something wrong here?):

URL url = new URL("file:///android_asset/file_name.ext");
InputSource source = new InputSource(url.openStream());
//exception looks like so 04-10 00:40:43.382: W/System.err(5547): /android_asset/InfoItems.xml (No such file or directory)

Best Solution

If the folders are included in the Project Build Path, you can use ClassLoader access files under them outside the android.content.Context, for instance, from a POJO (in case if you don't want to pass a reference of android.content.Context):

String file = "res/raw/test.txt";
InputStream in = this.getClass().getClassLoader().getResourceAsStream(file);
  • The res folder is included into Project Build Path by default by all Android SDK version so far.
  • The assets folder was included into Project Build Path by default before Android SDK r14.

To add folders into Project Build Path, right click your project -- Build Path -- Configure Build Path, add your folder (for example, assets if using later SDK version) as a Source folder in build path.

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