Android – Background image dimension for Navigation Drawer header


Basically I liked the background used by Mr. Jonathan Lee for Navigation Drawer header back ground in google official link

So I wanted to reproduce something similar inspired by that. I believe that I need to make a similar design in photoshop and set it as the background image. But the question is, what should be the dimensions and pixels so that it matches different kind of devices?

The above link has guidelines for icons and margins, but I haven't seen any dimensions mentioned for that background.

Does anybody have any idea or link that can help?

Best Solution

Unzipped an APK and this is what I have found out-

    width=384 pixels
    height=216 pixels
    width=576 pixels
    height=324 pixels
    width=768 pixels
    height=432 pixels
    width=1152 pixels
    height=648 pixels

Image source= Google's Newsstand Application, Tool=Adobe photoshop 7.0

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