Android browser and socket io

I having trouble getting socket io to send a response on connect for the android browser.
I logged the parameters and they are appearing server side, it just seems like that the client side doesn't properly connnect. I disabled jsonp, but I heard that android falls back to xhr anyways.

socket.on('connect',function (data) {
            socket.emit('setNickAndRoom', {nick: nick}, function(response){
//response. nothing :(.

client.on("setNickAndRoom", function(nick, fn,_){
//etc etc

fn({msg :nick});

This works on every browser (even mobile safari, mobile FF, mobile chrome beta). I have to refresh android browser 4-5 times for it to finally connect. BTW, im using streamline js (_)

UPDATE This seems to happen on wifi only

Best Solution

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sound right as far as WebSockets go. Socket.IO's specific wire protocol do not appear to have been implemented in Java yet, so you may have to deal with that yourself.