Android – Can’t install third-party APK file


I am a new programmer for Android, but I have been using eclipse for a year and a half now. I am developing an Android Application for my school's health department to allow students to track certain health behaviors overtime.

I have completed the coding of the app and have successfully tested it on a virtual device. The applications runs fine on the AVD.

However, the problem arises when I export the project as an Android application through eclipse. I create the apk file using the debug.keystore and the androiddebugkey. I create the apk file (which is about 115 kilobytes). Next, I connect by phone (an LG Thrill) and open it via My Computer. I drag and drop the apk file into the "downloads" folder in the phone.

I use a Market App called ASTRO to access the apk file in the downloads folder. However, when I try to install it, I get the dreaded "There is a problem parsing the package" error. I have had this problem for weeks now.

I have tried all sorts of solutions. I have developed the app for the same Android level as the phone. I have tried making my own keystore and exporting. I have also tried making smaller apps (ie: HelloWorld) and installing them. I keep getting the same error.

One thing that I noticed was that whenever I go to the apk file in the ASTRO Market app and click on the apk file and then "Open App Manager", I see that none of the apk file's settings (ie: Name, Size, details) are shown. All the Marketplace apps I have in the folder have visible settings by my apps don't.

What might I be doing wrong? Is it something with building the apk file? Or am I uploading it onto my phone incorrectly? Whatever it is, please let me know.

Best Solution

Go to: Settings->Security->Device Administration and make sure you have Unknown Sources enabled.