Android – Change value of R.string programmatically


I have declared a string in my strings.xml file , and using it in my activity as R.string.compose_title. (setting it as title i.e. setTitle( Now in some case I want to edit the string and then use it to set the title . How can I do this ?

P.S. I need to change value of a single string only , So declaring a new strings.xml for each case(which are variable depending upon the user) using localization seems to be a lil inefficient .

Best Solution

One thing what you have to understand here is that, when you provide a data as a Resource, it can't be modified during run time. For example, the drawables what you have in your drawable folder can't be modified at run time. To be precise, the "res" folder can't be modified programatically.

This applies to Strings.xml also, i.e "Values" folder. If at all you want a String which has to be modified at runtime, create a separate class and have your strings placed in this Class and access during run time. This is the best solution what I have found.