Android – Creating Floating Action Button with Animated subaction menus


I am creating an app in which I am creating new floating action button with few sub actions associated with the FAB.

I tried This library.
It is working fine but it is not exactly what I want.

I want to add it in the tabs with each tab having different FAB with sub action menu.
The problem with above library is FAB is not being removed after changing the tab.It is still showing in other tabs also even if I am adding it in one tab only(Every tab is a fragment).

And I also I want to use similar FAB used by Evernote with similar kind of animation.
Is anybody aware of any third party library or is there any API available in new Android SDK.

Thank you in advance for the Help!…

Best Solution

Try to put the FAB in the XML layout of only the fragment and not the parent activity. That should ensure that it appears only the fragment(tab) and not everywhere.