Android – FLAG_ACTIVITY_NEW_TASK clarification needed


So my problem is:

  • I start App1, open Screen1 and then Screen2.
  • I press Home, leaving App1 in the background.
  • I open App2, start App1.Screen1 with FLAG_ACTIVITY_NEW_TASK, expecting to be on App1.Screen2 in the previously left task. Instead Im on App1.Screen1 and the system called onNewIntent().

When I press back it brings Sceen2 and Screen1 again.
I dont use any other intent flags or launch modes.

Could someone explain what's happening??

Best Solution

Android has TONS of bugs related to activities and tasks.

Nevertheless, Google changed the behavior of tasks between OS versions and didn't notify the developers, which is the most annoying thing about it.

jakk - If you didn't set any flags on the activities (A or B), than the behavior you are describing is WRONG.

And for all the ones which say that there is no problem with the documentation, try this:

  1. Create an application with Activity A (launching activity) & B (with the default launch mode for both).
  2. Start the application - a task is created with activity A only.
  3. From a button in activity A, launch activity B with a FLAG_ACTIVITY_NEW_TASK.
  4. Click the button several times and you'll see that activity B is created multiple times inside the task, which is NOT as the documentation says.

There are more scenarios to prove that the documentation is BAD / WRONG.