Android – Get Android Phone Model programmatically , How to get Device name and model programmatically in android


I would like to know if there is a way for reading the Phone Model programmatically in Android.

I would like to get a string like HTC Dream, Milestone, Sapphire or whatever…

Best Solution

I use the following code to get the full device name. It gets model and manufacturer strings and concatenates them unless model string already contains manufacturer name (on some phones it does):

public String getDeviceName() {
    String manufacturer = Build.MANUFACTURER;
    String model = Build.MODEL;
    if (model.toLowerCase().startsWith(manufacturer.toLowerCase())) {
        return capitalize(model);
    } else {
        return capitalize(manufacturer) + " " + model;

private String capitalize(String s) {
    if (s == null || s.length() == 0) {
        return "";
    char first = s.charAt(0);
    if (Character.isUpperCase(first)) {
        return s;
    } else {
        return Character.toUpperCase(first) + s.substring(1);


Here are a few examples of device names I got from the users:

Samsung GT-S5830L
Motorola MB860
Sony Ericsson LT18i
HTC Desire V
HTC Wildfire S A510e