Android – Go to settings screen


I want to open the Settings-> Sound & Display-> Phone Ringtones screen from my application. How can I do that?

Best Solution

Depending on your needs, there are a couple of alternatives to bring up the 'Ringtones' settings screen from your application.

If you want to bring up the actual preferences screen that is usually available through system settings -- letting your user modify the phone's universal ringtone settings through your application -- you can use the ACTION_SOUND_SETTINGS constant from the android.provider.Settings class to create a new Intent to start the sound settings activity.

startActivityForResult(new Intent(android.provider.Settings.ACTION_SOUND_SETTINGS), 0);

If you want to select a custom ringtone to use in your application you need to add a RingtonePreference in your preferences.xml definition file, like this:

  android:title="Select ringtone" 

You'll be able to get the URI to the selected preference in the application's default SharedPreferences using alerts_ringtone as the key.

The latter technique uses the PreferenceActivity class to host the preference options. I won't describe that in detail here, as the Android documentation has a good writeup and some sample code.