Android – Got exception: fragment already active


I have a fragment;

MyFragment myFrag = new MyFragment();

I put bundle data to this fragment:

Bundle bundle = new Bundle(); 
bundle.putString("TEST", "test");

Then, I replace old fragment with this one and put on backstack:

//replace old fragment
fragmentTransaction.replace(, myFrag, "MyTag");
//put on backstack
//commit & get transaction ID
int transId = fragmentTransaction.commit();

Later, I pop backstack with the above transaction ID(transId):

//pop the transaction from backstack

Later, I set bundle data as argument again to my fragment(myFrag):

//Got Java.lang.IllegalStateException: fragment already active

As you see, my above code got exception Java.lang.IllegalStateException: fragment already active . I don't understand why myFrag is still active though I have popped the transaction of it from backstack., anyhow, since I got the exception I thought I have no choice but de-active the fragment, So, I did:

Fragment activeFragment = fragMgr.findFragmentByTag("MyTag");

I am not sure if my above code really can de-active the fragment, since I didn't find how to de-active an fragment. 🙁

After that, when I try to set bundle data to my fragment myFrag again, I still got the same error:

Java.lang.IllegalStateException: fragment already active

Seems even I removed the fragment, it is still active…Why? How to de-active a fragment?

Best Solution

Reading the setArguments(Bundle args) source will help you understand:

* Supply the construction arguments for this fragment.  This can only
* be called before the fragment has been attached to its activity; that
* is, you should call it immediately after constructing the fragment.  The
* arguments supplied here will be retained across fragment destroy and
* creation.
public void setArguments(Bundle args) {

    if (mIndex >= 0) {
        throw new IllegalStateException("Fragment already active");
    mArguments = args;

You cannot use setArguments(Bundle args) again in your code on the same Fragment. What you want to do I guess is either create a new Fragment and set the arguments again. Or you can use getArguments() and then use the put method of the bundle to change its values.