Android – How to add an extra language input to Android?


Is it possible to add extra languages to Android? My current Android phone only supports English and Chinese language input. I would like to have Dutch also, as I can use it for word completion. The question on top of that is, how to switch easily between these languages in the text input (keyboard) GUI?

Best Solution

Don't agree with post above. I have a Hero with only English available and I want Spanish.

I installed MoreLocale 2, and it has lots of different languages (Dutch among them). I choose Spanish, Sense UI restarted and EVERYTHING in my phone changed to Spanish: menus, settings, etc. The keyboard predictive text defaulted to Spanish and started suggesting words in Spanish. This means, somewhere within the OS there is a Spanish dictionary hidden and MoreLocale made it available.

The problem is that English is still the only option available in keyboard input language so I can switch to English but can't switch back to Spanish unless I restart Sense UI, which takes a couple of minutes so not a very practical solution.

Still looking for an easier way to do it so please help.