Android – How to change three dots button on android to other button


I wanna change the three dots button on Android to other button which is an "Add" button. How to do it? I have changed set the button in my drawable, but it keep prompt the three dot button.


Best Solution

Sorry i can't reply as a comment, but i'm guessing you want to change the actionbar overflow menu icon. If so you can do it in styles.xml.

 <!-- Application theme. -->
<style name="AppTheme" parent="AppBaseTheme">
    <!-- All customizations that are NOT specific to a particular API-level can go here. -->
    <item name="android:actionOverflowButtonStyle">@style/MyActionButtonOverflow</item>

<!-- Style to replace actionbar overflow icon. set item 'android:actionOverflowButtonStyle' in AppTheme -->
<style name="MyActionButtonOverflow" parent="android:style/Widget.Holo.Light.ActionButton.Overflow">
    <item name="android:src">@drawable/ic_launcher</item>

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