Android – how to delete (Reset) AppState data in Google play games


My current android application stores data "in The Cloud" using AppStateManager.

I store the data as a json string. I now need to add more data to this json structure and wanted to "Start from scratch" so wanted to delete the appstate data already persisted. I have tried

AppStateManager.delete(googleClient, Key)

and also

AppStateManager.update(googlClient, key, null)

neither worked as stateListResult.getStateBuffer().getCount() still shows a count of 1

how do you completely remove AppStateManager data from the cloud?

Best Solution

I do not think there is a way to do that programatically. The only way to remove the data is for the user to reset it by disconnecting the app from G+.

That said, Google is now recommending the use of Saved Games (Snapshot) instead of Cloud Save (AppState) for cloud storage.

Removing existing data with Saved Games (Snapshot) is very simple, so you may want to look into using it for cloud storage instead.