Android – How to hide underbar in EditText


How can I hide the EditText underbar (the prompt line with little serifs at the ends)?

There might be a better way to do what I want: I have a layout with an EditText. Normally, this displays fine where the user can tap on it and begin entering or editing text.

Sometimes, however, I would like to use the same layout (simplifies other logic) to display the same data in a read-only manner. I want the presentation to be similar – it should have the same height and same font, but not have the underbar.

As a stop-gap measure, I'm going to implement this by removing the EditText and substituting a TextView. I think that will give the desired results, but it seems like a roundabout an expensive way to do something that ought to be easy to do by changing attributes.

Best Solution

You can set the EditText to have a custom transparent drawable or just use




or Programmatically