Android – How to install Tortoise SVN in to Android Studio 2.1 Latest Version


I have downloaded 64bit Tortoise SVN and installed in C Drive in to my system. I have created seperate folder for SVN client and branch,tags,trunk folders and paste the code and commit in to that SVN server.
Studio :
next, I tried to set tortoise svn path in to studio Version Control-Subversion-user command line client: path url.. But, I could not find svn.exe in to this path C:\Program Files\TortoiseSVN\bin. Anyway, I could not set path into studio.

Exactly dont know, where made mistake ?

I followed these sites:
Error "can't use subversion command line client : svn" when opening android project checked out from svn

Last one is for Apache Subversion command line tools :
using this Apache SVN, we can able to download svn.exe and set it into path and can able to access the source code download and access the apache svn in to studio.
But, I want Tortoise SVN only to access in to Studio

Best Solution

You do not "install TortoiseSVN into Android Studio", you just tell the IDE where svn.exe command-line client is. That's why you should specify the full path to the executable.

Up-to-date TortoiseSVN versions provide svn.exe client and its path has to be C:\Program Files\TortoiseSVN\bin. Check whether you have the command-line tools by modifying your TortoiseSVN client installation:

  1. Go to Programs and Features.
  2. Select TortoiseSVN and chose the Modify command.
  3. Follow the wizard's steps and make sure that you have command line client tools selected.
  4. Under Command line client tools - click and select drop down menu item below for - Entire feature will be installed on local hard drive.