Android – How to turn off version control in android studio


I set up my Github with android studio, everything worked fine, the problem now is though, that I can't seem to turn off, or get out of version control to use the IDE normally again.

This means that errors aren't shown, and it is really hard to debug because of this.

So how do I turn off version control (VCS) in Android Studio?

Best Solution

To disable VCS in Android Studio on a Mac do the following:

Android Studio > Preferences...

enter image description here

In the Preferences window, select Version Control and under Directory choose VCS dropdown to be <none>

enter image description here

Don't forget to click "Apply" in the general Preferences buttons at the bottom.

For 2021...

It would seem that Android Studio nowadays does not automatically start with version control turned on for a new project.

The default seems to be "off" at the beginning of a new project.

(It does conveniently make a ".gitignore" file for you but it does not default to trying to use version control.)

However, if later you do manually yourself start using git in the folder in question, Studio does turn on vcs inside Studio, i.e. exactly as seen in the image above. In that case you'll have turn it off inside Studio, exactly as shown above.