Android ImageButton — can’t get image in the center


I want to create an Android ImageButton in the xml file with a background image, and a smaller icon on top of that, right in the center. For some reason, it's not obvious how to do it, and documentation is no help.


However, no matter what I try (putting "wrap _ content" instead of absolute numbers on layout _ height and layout _ width, the icon remains in the top left corner of the button. If, however, I have no background image (i.e. a system default white button), the icon does go into the center. The button also goes into the top left corner when I use a color instead of an image for the background.

Why does this happen, and how would I actually get the behavior I want– that is, a background image with the icon in the center?

Best Solution

I'm a real moron. That's how it appears in the display the Ecliplse plugin provide side-by-side with the XML editor. When I actually build the project and ran it on a device, it displayed everything correctly.