Android – Is it possible to program Android to act as physical USB keyboard


What I really want to know is whether it is a hardware problem, or a software problem. Could I plug my android phone into a computer via USB and have it act as a hardware keyboard. I do not want to install anything on the computer, I want android to behave like the standard hardware.

Edit: Clarification
I want to write a program/library for android that enables the device to fully emulate an ordinary keyboard, so that the operating system reports it as a standard keyboard device, and it would work in the BIOS or anywhere else that a keyboard works.

Best Solution

I've modified kernel on Nexus 7 to act like standard HID keyboard and mouse, without losing MTP/ADB/other USB functionality.

You can use usb-gadget-test commandline utility to send keystrokes and mouse movements to your PC. I want to create a remote admin app later, which will send key events and receive video from camera.

Kernel patch, binaries and instructions:

Edit: I've published a proper app to Google Play, if your Nexus 7 is rooted you can flash kernel right from the app, and send keypresses with it.

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