Android layout: distinguishing an 800×480 large device from a 1024×600 tablet


Is there a way using Android layout to automatically distinguish between f/ex a Dell Streak with 800×480 resolution, and a Galaxy Tab or HTC Flyer with 1024×600 resolution? They all (presumably including the Flyer) report as -large (unlike the Xoom which reports as -xlarge). Is there a better layout tag than -large?

(Edited to clarify that -xlarge is no use in this case)

Best Solution

See the "Table 2" in Supporting Multiple Screens and try to combine Size and Density qualifiers together. Also useful application ScreenInfo


Nexus One (480*800, 240 dpi) - "layout-hdpi" (normal screen, high density)

Samsung Galaxy Tab(600*1024, 169 ppi/dpi) - "layout-large-mdpi" (large screen, medium density)

Dell Streak(480*800, 186 dpi) - ??? (normal/large? screen, medium/high? density)

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