Android – linear layout bringToFront()


I have 4 buttons in my linear layout and i need to bring to front first button.

Normal order is

    Button 1 | Button 2 | Button 3 | Button 4

But when I call button1.bringToFront() function , button1 is going to end like

    Button 2 | Button 3 | Button 4 | Button 1

How can I solve this problem. Relative layout doesn't causes this problem but I have to use LinearLayout because buttons will order vertically and I'm deleting a button in some conditions.


Best Solution

LinearLayout doesn't work with the z-axis, hence, it's name linear. Try using a RelativeLayout and then call bringToFront() to get the desired effect. With a RelativeLayout you can call layout_alignBollow to order the views vertically. Or you can nest views and layouts, for instance, within your LinearLayout nest three RelativeLayout within those you can place your Buttons (be careful with this approach as adding too many views can be a bad thing).