Android – mailto: links not opening mail app on Android in cordova app


This is driving me crazy. I'm working on a Ionic app (Cordova, Angular etc). I have a contact us link which contains a mailto: href


I've read countless posts on SO that say you have to remove

<access origin="*"/>

from the config.xml in the project root and replace it with:

<access origin="mailto:*" launch-external="true" />

Which I've done. When I run ionic build it gets added to the config.xml in platforms/android/res/xml. But no matter what I do the link doesn't open the mail app on any Android simulator (even when email is configured in the simulator).

Sadly I don't have a device to test on – so is this just a emulator thing or am I missing something?

Best Solution

You must install the cordova plugin whitelist:

cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-whitelist

or if you want to save the reference to your config.xml file:

cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-whitelist --save

and that you have to add the intent to your config.xml file:

<allow-intent href="mailto:*" />

You can find more info here.