Android OpenGL ES 2.0 emulator


Well i have a device which supports OpenGl ES 2.0 (HTC Desire), and of course deploy app on device much faster then on emulator. Default android emulator does not support 2.0, androidX86 project and similiar androbox project does not support native code (NDK) so even Hello-Jni crash on them (all samples works fine on standart AVD except Hello-GL2 sample ofc), don't know supports they a OpenGL ES 2.0 or not, please tell me.

So if there is a development in native way (NDK) with OpenGl 2.0 support – how is possible to test app without device?

Best Solution

The emulator now supports OpenGL:

Be sure to add the GPU emulation hardware property and set it to yes when creating the avd (per the link below):