Android – out of memory exception when creating bitmap


I am getting the following error after creating bitmap second time around:

04-17 18:28:09.310: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(3458): java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: bitmap size exceeds VM budget

this._profileBitmap = Bitmap.createBitmap(_profileBitmap, xCoor,  yCoor, width, height);

From log:

04-17 18:27:57.500: INFO/CameraCropView(3458): Original Photo Size: W 1536 x H 2048   
04-17 18:28:06.170: INFO/CameraCropView(3458): xCoor: 291   
04-17 18:28:06.170: INFO/CameraCropView(3458): yCoor: 430    
04-17 18:28:06.170: INFO/CameraCropView(3458): Width: 952  
04-17 18:28:06.170: INFO/CameraCropView(3458): Height: 952  

Since the image is huge I get the error. But the interesting thing is the error does not happen the first time, only when I take the picture the second time, which makes me believe this profileBitmap is NOT destroyed. How do I clean this up?

Best Solution

I had the same problem and fix it this way:

My app was ~18MB size, and when I see how much memory left free I was shocked - 654KB (on 1GB RAM!). So I just deleted almost all images from project and downloaded them from the internet on first start, and use pics from SD card when needed.

To check total/free memory for your app use:


EDIT: I forgot the main thing - add in your manifest, between application tag, this line:


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