Android – Send keywords and targeting info to AdMob for better ads


On admob, when I click on Monetize > AdMob Network report and then select "Targeting Type" in the drop-down selection (at the bottom left of the page), I see five lines:

- (Unmatched ad requests)
- (unknown)
- Contextual
- Interest-based
- Placement

Can someone explain me how such results are possible as I am in an Android App and no targeting information is provided to Google (for me, contextual is linked to the environnement of the user in the app like, the text on a webpage for a web-site visitor for example…)

Actually I would like to improve my ECPM by providing keywords and -if useful- user (non-personal) info to Admob as I do not do it yet.

Does anymone have any idea how this could be achieved and how Admob can currently propose keyword-based advertising when I do not provide anything to it? This is a mystery for me 🙂

Thanks in advance for the answers!

Best Solution

You can provide keywords to admob so the ads can be targeted. You do this by using the addKeyword function when you create a request. Like this:

AdRequest.Builder builder = new AdRequest.Builder()
        .addTestDevice("an id for your device")

This method is documented here:

There you can find other methods to provide information to AdMob: gender, location, birthday...

Here's more information as well:

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