Android – Set GPS location in Android Studio while debugging app


(Preface: I have already seen this question, but it doesn't address setting the location while debugging the app. Opening "Android Device Monitor" closes the ADB connection to the debugger itself.)

I am trying to debug an application that monitors for location changes. The issue that I have is that I can't figure out how to run the debugger and set the location using adb geo fix ... at the same time.

I have tried running the command in the Android Studio "Debug" -> "Console" tab, but it doesn't seem to do anything.

How can I set the location while still remaining connected in the debugger?

Best Solution

1- go to plugins and look for GPS emulator, and install it then start the emulator from Tools--> Android---> Android device monitor then find you desired location long and lat (search google for any website that gives you the lang lat for your city, google: get lang lat websites) and send them to the android emulator.

2- or fastes way if android emulator is running On the Right Side of Your Android Emulator Where (Power Button ,Speaker , Camera etc Sign are given Find Three Dot Sign(...) at the last of that column. click on that then Click on location and Set the Latitude and longitude

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