Android – (Smooth)ScrollToPosition doesn’t work properly with RecyclerView


I'm using basic RecyclerView with GridLayoutManager. I observed that nor smoothScrollToPosition nor scrollToPosition works properly.

a) when using smoothScrollToPosition I often receive error from RecyclerView

"RecyclerView﹕ Passed over target position while smooth scrolling."

and RecyclerView is not scrolled properly (often it misses the targeted row). This is observed mostly when I'm trying to scroll to the 1st item of some row

b) when using scrollToPosition it seems to work quite ok but most of the time I can see only the 1st item of the row and the rest are not displayed.

Can you give me some hints how to make work properly at least one of the methods?

Thanks a lot!

Best Solution

Finally I was able to make it work! LinearLayoutManager.scrollToPositionWithOffset(int, int) did the trick.