Android SQLite alternatives


I'm building a simple android RPG. Each player has access to a maximum of about 50 soldiers. Each soldier has some stats (class, hp, attack, etc), and three inventory slots. There will be only about 100 items in the game to fill these inventory slots. I was hoping to set up a relational database that would have a table for soldiers, a table for items owned, and a few other various tables.

Speed is my main concern. SQLite is the obvious first choice. However, it seems to be very bulky and geared towards databases with 1000's of rows. Is there a better option for small databases? I don't need complex queries or anything, just a way to store data and back it up to a server.

Best Solution

There are two nice libs that make data persistance in Android much quicker and simpler to implement as follows;

Cupboard > (backed by sqlite)

Realm >

Realm is the newer one and seems slightly better but both seem to have similar implementations.

Hope this helps.