Android Studio doesn’t recognize the device


Here is the problem. I want to run my Android Studio apps on my device (Samsung Galaxy Ace 2). But nothing works for me. Tell me what I've missed:

1) USB debugging is on

2) ADB driver is installed (in device manager i can see Android Composite ADB Interface)

3) ADB device list is still clear, even if i reset server(adb kill-server, adb start-server, adb devices – list of devices is clear)

4) in google usb driver directory, in android_winusb.inf file I added my device identificators

5) Android device manager still cannot connect to my device, showing this error when I reset it: "adb connection error an existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host"

So I will be glad to hear any advices. Hope you'll help me

Best Solution

Did you try to configure the "Media Mode" in "Camera (PTP)" instead of "Media device (MTP)"? This is sometimes solving the issue. Its in the USB Computer Connection options of your Android device, you should see an "authorize" dialog then.

Update 04/2017: looks like it has been fixed in Android 7.1.2