Android Studio – Google map still blank on real Android device on release apk


googled it, read millions of advices about how to generate google API key, how to use it but nothing works!

  1. enabled google maps v2 API
  2. created project with one activity with google map (default wizard in studio)
  3. created key on google for debug project, assigned SHA1;app package of application to the project key on google
  4. API key inserted into google_maps_api.xml (AndroidManifest.xml updated automaticaly)
  5. build & run on AVD on which the app is working, map is shown.


  1. API already enabled
  2. in Android studio created keystore for release (keystore.rel.jks)
  3. generated fingerprints (keytool -list -v -keystore C:\Dropbox\AndroidKeyStore\keystore.rel.jks)
  4. on google added new fingerprint to the new release project (release SHA1;app package) – key generated AIza…
  5. API key inserted into google_maps_api.xml (AndroidManifest.xml updated automatically)
  6. generate signed app (using keystore.rel.jks) & install on real device … app is working, map is STILL BLANK, only zoom buttons and Google label is on

Thanks in advance for any advice.


Best Solution

Make sure you enter your release API key in the google_maps_api.xml under the release folder.

First, switch to Project view by using the dropdown in the upper left of the Project Explorer. Then, expand app/src/, and you will see subfolders debug and release. Under there, you should see two separate google_maps_api.xml files under debug/res/values and release/res/values.

Make sure that the release API key is in the google_maps_api.xml file under the release/res/values folder, since this is the one that will be used for the signed release apk.

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