Android – Sync from Android phone’s calendar to Google Calendar on web without using Google Calendar Data API. Is this possible


From the Google Calendar Help document on the web, it is stated that::

Is Google Calendar for mobile devices in sync with Google Calendar?

Answer: Yes. Changes made in Google Calendar when accessed from your computer will be reflected in Google Calendar for mobile. For example, if you create a new event in your computer's browser, the event will automatically appear in Google Calendar the next time that you log in from your mobile device.

I have tried this, i created a task in the Google calendar on the web and synced it back to my local default calendar app(as i am connected to the Google account in my mobile, my sync is working fine).But my question is if i create a task in my Local calendar application. Can that appear on the Google Calendar on web. Here i am talking about a sync from Mobile to Web. I dont want to use the Google calendar Data API and achieve it(then it would be a different scenario. I may not even need a default calendar application. I can write a simple application which can push the data onto the Google Calendar on web. Well thats a different story or question…).
The reason i am asking this question is, I found a post related to the Google private Calendar API.

Working with the Android Calendar

Please don't miss the Introduction.
So i suppose it is possible for a reverse sync but i don't know how.
Any help will be appreciated.


Best Solution

Early in the morning searched the android forums for this question. Felt very happy to see the following post made by Ryder.

Sorted it out now, when making an event I had to select my Google account from the top rather than the default my calendar. Works an absolute treat now.

Tested it instantly. Works great. No need of tackling with the Google Calendar API now.

Thanks All