Android – Using the new Google Play Services


I'm getting the follow error:
google-play-services_lib] Could not find google-play-services_lib.apk!

Complete Console:

[2013-05-17 16:41:50 – MapAlert] Android Launch!
[2013-05-17 16:41:50 – MapAlert] adb is running normally.
[2013-05-17 16:41:50 – MapAlert] Performing activity launch
[2013-05-17 16:41:50 – MapAlert] Automatic Target Mode: using device '0288500541404557'
[2013-05-17 16:41:55 – MapAlert] Uploading MapAlert.apk onto device '0288500541404557'
[2013-05-17 16:41:57 – MapAlert] Installing MapAlert.apk…
[2013-05-17 16:42:55 – MapAlert] Success!
[2013-05-17 16:42:56 – google-play-services_lib] Could not find google-play-services_lib.apk!
[2013-05-17 16:42:56 – MapAlert] Starting activity on device 0288500541404557

I have seen the new thing on google I/o and a saw you could use the new Google Play Services. I've added the library follow this guide:

I also did found something on the net that the app on my phone should be updated but i'm already running 3.1.36. This is the new version where it should work with.

All suggestions are welcome!

Best Solution

If you're using IntelliJ or Android Studio, the following StackOverflow link might be your ticket. The selected answer is pretty thorough.