Android – ViewPager with previous and next page boundaries


I'm designing a view with multiple pages. I want edges of previous and next pages to be show like below and implement a 2 finger swipe to switch between pages.

enter image description here

I tried using ViewPager with negative page margin as suggested here but that only shows one of the edges on the screen, not both simultaneously.

Alternatively, is there any way i can position part of my view outside screen and then animate it giving it a ViewPager type effect.

How should I go about it ? Thanks !

Best Solution

I have a similar solution:

On the viewpager set left and right padding, e.g. 20dp. Do also set the page margin on the viewpager, e.g. half of the pager padding. And do not forget to disable clip padding.

tilePager.setPadding(defaultGap, 0, defaultGap, 0);