Android WebView blocks redirect from https to http


I have a solution where my Android WebView needs to first open a https url, then it will be redirected to a http url (it might be trying a http POST from the https site). This is not working, and my Android debug log says:

02-20 11:04:45.079 8538-8538/? E/WebViewCallback´╣Ľ Blocked URL: [blocked] The page at 'https://xxx/' was loaded over HTTPS, but is submitting data to an insecure location at 'http://yyy': this content should also be submitted over HTTPS.

Are there any configuration options in the WebView that will allow this behaviour?

More info: it seems like a behaviour change in the Android SDK. A client compiled a long time ago does this without any complaints.

Best Solution

There was a change in default WebView settings for mixed http/https content in Lollipop (API 20). See for more details.

To allow https to redirect to http you need to set the mixed content mode to MIXED_CONTENT_ALWAYS_ALLOW

 if (Build.VERSION.SDK_INT >= 21) {
        webview.getSettings().setMixedContentMode( WebSettings.MIXED_CONTENT_ALWAYS_ALLOW );

Note that setting MIXED_CONTENT_ALWAYS_ALLOW is bad from security point of view, and as you note in your answer, it is better to support https on both sites.

But for those that don't have control over the sites, this should work.

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