Android – Why AVD Manager options are not showing in Android Studio


Why i'm unable to see Android Virtual Device (AVD)

I'm facing problem to create AVD in android studio, the problem is i'm unable to see any of this option Tools —> Android —> AVD Manager

below screen shot where i'm not finding Tools —> Android —> AVD Manager

enter image description here

in the above screen shot you cannot find Android –> AVD Manager,Why it is not showing.

Below is my installed packages:

1. SDK Manager

enter image description here

2. SDK Tools

enter image description here

i'm following this link:

Best Solution

I had installed Android studio and was not able to access the AVD Manager directly. I had to follow the steps as mentioned below:

  1. Created a blank project using Android Studio
  2. Once the Project is ready to use I tried open action using the shortcut ctrl+shift+a option and searched for AVD Manager AVD Manager
  3. On double clicking the AVD Manager I got a few errors in console about the missing libararies along with the link to install the neccessary dependencies. On clicking the links which was displayed with the error message few packages which were needed were installed. Once all the required packages were installed the AVD Manager icon becomes active.

enter image description here