Android – Why won’t eclipse detect the android device


I am using the Alcatel One Touch 918N as my device in running my code from eclipse. The device seems to appear on my computer since it is able to read the files stored in it but the problem is it does not appear on the Devices tab in eclipse.

I've tried following the instructions from here and here, and downloaded the USB Driver from this site but when i tried installing the driver, it still says that:

Windows was unable to install your Alcatel Android phone and Windows could not find driver software for your device.

Did I do something wrong? Did I perhaps downloaded the wrong USB Driver? Pls help!

Best Solution

If you are trying to build android application using eclipse and trying to run the application in the device, then

  1. go to settings
  2. then go to applications
  3. then go to development
  4. then check debugging

Then you can install your application using eclipse.