Any way to add dependency to lein project without REPL restart


What I do now is open project.clj, add dependency there, run lein deps restart repl, then use, require and so on.

The thing is that I don't really like to restart repl because the startup time is slow and I have to reload my files again.

So is there a better way to add dependency to lein project? without restarting the repl?

Best Solution

You can use Alembic, a dynamic classpath loader and dependencies resolver. The good thing is that it doesn't load all pomegranate dependencies.

Add the following to your .lein/profiles.clj:

  {:dependencies [[alembic "0.3.2"]]}}

Then in your Repl just load the classpaths you need, they will be pulled from the repositories by leinif need:

(require 'alembic.still)
(alembic.still/distill '[enlive "1.1.5"])

(require 'net.cgrand.enlive-html) should now work.

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