Asp – 3-Tier VB.Net Forms vs. Web Based ASP.Net Solution – Which will scale better


I am on a project helping to analyze the load a VB.Net WinForms application can take. This app has been in production for several years and has many many products on it. We plan to add more products but see the client footprint rapidly increasing. This is contributing the degradation of performance on the system overall.

There is duscussion that moving the UI intensive portions of the app to ASP.Net it will reduce the client footprint and solve many of our issues.

My question which of the following will scale better in terms of performance and load?
– ASP.Net(VB) Web based architecture
– VB.NEt WinForms 3-tier architecture

Links to articles on the topic are also appreciated.

Additional Info

Client – Apparent issue is large memory footprint due to data caching (High cph utilization)

Middle Tier – web services that house BLC & DALC assemblies (Low utilization here)

Database – Multiple database that that serve data to the DALC via sprocs (Medium Utilization)

Deployment is not an issue, we have a very well developent methodology there.

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Best Solution

Winforms will scale better than ASP.NET B/c a. when you use an ASP.NET client - (a Browser) you pay a price, html rendering - another price, Viewstate - a huge price.

about view state - it is a chunk of data that might grow more and more as long as you operate even on the same page.

You need to use special techniques in order to make a webform efficient (AJAX).

You don't have this on winform.

Anyway - a specific answer should be aware of your product functionality, architecture and design, so this is gust a general advice.

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