Access ASP.NET Development server in an intranet

Im testing an ASP.NEt site. When I execute it, it starts the ASP.NET Development Server and opens up a page.

Now I want to test it in the intranet I have.

  1. Can I use this server or I need to configure IIS in this machine?

  2. Do I need to configure something for it to work?

I've changed the localhost to the correct IP and I opened up the firewall.


Best Solution

Yes you can! And you don't need IIS

Just use a simple Java TCP tunnel. Download this Java app & just tunnel the traffic back.

In command prompt, you'd then run the java app like this... Let's assume you want external access on port 80 and your standard debug environment runs on port 1088...

java -jar tunnel.jar 80 localhost 1088

(Also answered here: Accessing asp. net development server external to VM)