.net – Application pool in IIS 7 does not show .NET Framework 3.5


I've .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 installed on my system.
When I create a new application pool, I just see the .NET Framework V2.0.xxx.
I've a file that uses the ASP.NET MVC. It's not loading. I think this might be the reason.

Best Solution

I think rather confusingly it's referring to the .Net Runtime version, which for .Net 3.5 framework is still Runtime version 2.0.

You can google for explanations for this but it's along the lines of.

  • .Net 2.0 Framework -- .Net 2.0 Runtime
  • .Net 3.0 Framework -- .Net 2.0 Runtime
  • .Net 3.5 Framework -- .Net 2.0 Runtime
  • .Net 3.5 Sp1 -- .Net 2.0 Runtime
  • .Net 4.0 Framework -- .Net 4.0 Runtime

I've noticed that MVC sometimes has problems if it's not run using the "Integrated" Managed Pipeline Mode, so might want to try that.