Asp – Bulletproof Sessions for IIS Web Farm


Good afternoon, all.

We're currently making the jump from one web server to two and in order to provide seamless failover to our users we need to do something about the session.

Currently, we're investigating three different methods.

  1. Make use of a state server
  2. Make use of SQL server
  3. Chuck everything into hidden fields

I, personally, would like to see option number one go into place as we don't have a dedicated database for option number two and option number three seems like a messy hack.

The problem I currently face is that my manager is not happy with the single point of failure provided by a state server (our SQL server is replicated, so no troubles there).

Is there something that can be done about replicating the state server or some such?

Best Solution

It can be a pain, but I've decided to turn off Session and deal with the consequences. So far nothing insurmountable has come up.