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I would like to cache my most database heavy actions in my site.
In my research I have found

But I don't feel I get it yet.
I want to be able to cache my POST request depending on several pars. These pars are in an object. So I would like to cache the result of the following request:

public ActionResult AdvancedSearch(SearchBag searchBag)

Where searchBag is an object that holds (a bunch) of optional search parameters.
My views themselves are light (as they should be), but the data access can be rather time consuming, depending on what fields are filled in in the search bag.

I have the feeling I should be caching on my datalayer, rather then on my actions.
How am I supposed to use the VaryByParam in the OutputCache attribute?

Best Solution

I like to cache in the model or data layer as well. This isolates everything to do with retrieving data from the controller/presentation. You can access the ASP.NET cache from System.Web.HttpContext.Current.Cache or use the Caching Application Block from the Enterprise Library. Create your key for the cached data from the parameters for the query. Be sure to invalidate the cache when you update the data.