Asp – Classic ASP Exception Logging (500 and 500.100 errors)


I have a client that is running a classic asp site on IIS7. In order to see any errors from the classic asp pages, I modified the IIS7 Error Pages to point 500 and 500.100 errors to a special classic asp page that finds the last error and then appropriately logs it for the future (pretty much what Elmah does for What we are seeing on IIS7 is an occasional error message from the exception logging classic asp page itself. And it appears it is for the 500 errors; 500.100 errors seem to get logged without any problems.

So two questions:

  • How can I cause a plain old 500 error
    (not 500.100) on this website to test
    the classic asp page exception
  • Is there a better way to
    capture and log exceptions from
    classic asp pages in IIS7?

Best Solution

Two questions - two answers:

  1. you should be able to raise an error with the following err.raise nr, source, description
  2. The error handling you are using (modifying the error pages) seems to be a common way for classic asp apps.
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