Asp – default web font


i am adding an ImageButton that contains text adjacent to a LinkButton. i am creating the image for the ImageButton using an image editor and i need to know what font the LinkButton is using. i've tried firebug but i still can't figure it.

Best Solution

Whatever font and size you use to draw text on the image, it will not look the same as the text in the browser for all users. Depending on the settings in the operating system some browsers will use anti-aliasing when displaying text, which will make a big diffence for the look of the text, and there is also some difference between regular anti-aliasing and cleartype. (In Windows 7 it will differ even more as it has a wizard for fine tuning cleartype for your specific screen, so there will be thousands of variations of how cleartype is rendered.)

Instead of putting the text in the image, use the image as background for a button and let the browser display the text on top of the image.


<asp:Button runat="server" class="FancyButton" Text="click me" />


.FancyButton {
   background: url(fancybutton.gif);
   border: none;
   width: 80px;
   height: 25px;