Difference between HttpRuntime.Cache and HttpContext.Current.Cache


What is the difference between HttpRuntime.Cache and HttpContext.Current.Cache?

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I find following detail from http://theengineroom.provoke.co.nz/archive/2007/04/27/caching-using-httpruntime-cache.aspx

For caching I looked into using HttpContext.Current.Cache but after reading other blogs I found that caching using HttpContext uses HttpRuntime.Cache to do the actual caching. The advantage of using HttpRuntime directly is that it is always available, for example, in Console applications and in Unit tests.

Using HttpRuntime.Cache is simple. Objects can be stored in the cache and are indexed by a string. Along with a key and the object to cache the other important parameter is the expiry time. This parameter sets the time before the object is dropped from the cache.

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