How to bind the selected value of a DropDownList


Data binding is all about declarative code, right? So I specify what I want with attributes, and the framework takes care of the rest. Unless I'm mistaken and data binding relates to S&M, right?

So, why does the DropDownList control only provide binding fields for its data source, i.e. its list source, and not for its actual data field. i.e. how the heck to I bind the selected value my name DropDownList to the Name field in my Person record? Is this a gross oversight on Microsoft's part, or on mine?

What is the point of two way data binding if I still have to manually set and read the selected value?

Best Solution

You might want to do something like the code below. You can not set the "SelectedValue" declaratively, but by saying "SelectedValue=<%# [code here] %> you are effectively causing the value to be set when the control is data bound.

                SelectedValue='<%# Bind("EmployeeID") %>'