Asp – Ideas on System Design Approaches for multilanguage content in a survey questionaire


Multi language content application in ASP.Net can usually be overcome by using resource files. However when it comes to dynamic content that need to be multi-language. what would be the ideal system design?

Example like having a questionnaire application, each question text and answer options need to be translated.

Is storing the specific language text/content using a resource key idea good? by using the question text or the main english version of the text as a key a good idea?

Because i am trying to reduce database calls whenever my system programmatically creates the questions on the page.

Best Solution

Resource files should just hold the keys/reference and nothing language specific should be put in there.

All your specific translations should reside in the database. So, whenever your System dynamically creates questions there would be ONE and ONLY ONE DB call...using the Locale identifier and the appropriate language version of the question would be loaded.

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