Asp – JSON string to list or other usable format in 2.0


I have one JSON that is coming in a string format. I need to store it in a key-pair value or something like that. I am using 2.0 and can not use 3rd party DLL like Newtonsoft.Json.dll. I guess last option will be to use regular expression.

Can anybody please help me in this?

Best Solution

If you go to and look towards the bottom of the page there are dozens of json libraries most of them open source, I believe they list 8 for C#. If you can not reference one of these libraries, I think your best bet would be to find one with a permissive license and simply add the code to your project.

Another idea is to look at the diagrams, grammer, and syntax at and just write your own parser, but regex is NOT the way to do it. If you dont know how to write a parser you could look at one of the open source json libraries or start with something less complicated like a good CSV parser, here is a paper that looks pretty good: