Asp – List of Links

I have two tables, one for Regions and one for those regions Areas, i want to automatically create a list of links that will be like:

  1. Region1
  2. Region2

This link should be generated automatically when i load my page.
The items in the list are not only text, when i click on Area1 i will call a function passing Area1 Region1 IDs to do some action in my function, keep in mind that the user might click Area1 from Region1 or might just click Region1.

I am using 3.5 and
Any help or suggestion will be deeply appreciated

Best Solution

I think the reason your question is not getting answered is that it involves too many fundamentals. if someone writes all this for you from scratch you'll have difficulty taking it any further. I would recommend looking at some ASP.NET beginners articles, work out how to write code which reacts to control events (e.g. LinkButton clicks), how to query a database, how to dynamcially populate a page etc. Then, if you have any more specific questions, ask again.

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