ASP.NET is there a way to save application state as session state on different server


maybe the question is wrong but here is what i want to achieve maybe there is other way to do that.

I have ASP.NET application running .net 3.5, there is a client list and few others List based objects that are shared among all users of application. ie. when client logged in his userID and few other properties are saved within some List in Application state. Problem is that this application is heavy and it's application pool needs to be restarted once a day or so so all the information saved in these List objects is lost. While client personal data which is saved in Out-of-Proc mode on external server is saved.

Is there any way to workaround it ? Shared Session? Something like that.


Cheers, pros !!!!

Best Solution

Have you looked at caching the lists of data?

This SO article has some good detials.